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Ask God...

If you could ask God one question, any question, what would you ask? The book of Job is a fascinating book of the Bible that is centered around one key question. Job and his friends are asking this one question. The reader is asking this one question. Here’s the question:


Why does suffering happen to good people? Job has lost everything. Everything except his life – literally. His livelihood, property and kids and health are all destroyed. So the question is: why? Why does Job have to suffer so much? Versions of this question are: “How is this fair?” “Is God really just?” Why!? Why do good people have to suffer.

What question would you ask?

Here’s the bad news: God never answers THAT question. At least not in Job. In fact, God doesn’t speak at all until Job 38.

Here’s the good news: God, when he speaks, answers some massively important questions. He does it … well… by asking questions. He asks questions of Job. The answer to each 4 verse set of questions graciously points Job towards God and away from himself.

For example:

Where were you at creation (38:4)? God was there – creating everything with the power of his word!

Who sets and keeps the boundaries (v.8)? God did! He knows how far is to far for each person, animal, and thing.

Have you explored the springs and depths (v.16)? God has. There is NO part of creation (including you!) he doesn’t know fully about.

Who sends the rain (v.25)? God does. He provides the good gifts we need.

Can you direct the movement of the stars (v.31)? God does! There’s nothing he can’t move.

Who gives freedom (39:5)? God does! He puts things in just the right place for them to run wild!

Have you given the horse its strength (v.19)? God has! He makes unique things for unique purposes. He gives strength with intention.

Are these the questions Job wanted answered? Nope. Do you think that Job was upset that God answered THESE questions instead? I can’t know for sure – but I suspect Job was thankful. He was probably still asking his question but also grateful. Grateful to remember that he’s a temporary, not fully capable man. Grateful to remember that God is SO BIG! God is greater than great. He is gooder than good. He is more than capable – in every circumstance.

You can live this!!

If you’ve got a question of God, go ahead and ask it. Again and again.

Ask God to reveal something about his character. It’s the answer that you need most for every moment of every day.

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