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Tips for Building Bible Navigating Muscles

Break out the hard copy!

Digital works great, but there is a lot of value in knowing how to navigate a hard copy of the Bible! (If you need one, shoot Kristen a text at (334)791-0995 and she'll get you one!)

  • Use the table of contents to find books and practice looking up the verses and passages together.

Pick a kids friendly translation

Your grandma's New King James Version is a 12th grade reading level, which might be a little discouraging for your elementary aged student!

  • We love The International Children's Bible (or ICB)! It's written at a second grade reading level which makes it a great resource for younger (and young at heart) readers

  • New International Readers Version (NIRV) is also a good option at a 2nd or 3rd grade reading level

  • New International Version (NIV) is a 7th grade reading level and English Standard Version (ESV) is a 10th grade reading level.

Make it fun!

Check out these silly songs to memorize the books of the Old Testament and New Testament

Include Younger Kids

For not yet readers and new readers, find the book and let them help find the chapter and verse!

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